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Empowering the Small Business Commissioner

The Genesis Senate has discussed key proposals for the reform and empowerment of the Office of the Small Business Commissioner.

The Small Business Commissioner was launched in 2017 to provide both scrutiny and public voice against bad payment practices. The office of the Commissioner also provides a mediation service to help small businesses, in particular, sought out ratepayers. As a member of the Genesis Board was able to report through direct experience, that service is extremely effective. “It knocks out the extra muscle which big businesses sometimes think they have again small ones that means they can ignore debts outstanding, once I involve the office of the Commissioner payment was almost instantaneous”.

However, the Senate sees two ways in which the powers of the Commissioner should be strengthened. Genesis had called for a more empowered role for the Commissioner, overseeing a number of other areas, before the post was created. In particular:

  • Businesses should be required to make full disclosure of all matters relevant to an instance of late payment to one of their suppliers to the Commissioner; and

How can the small business commissioner help you chase late payment?
Here is the simple process you can use working through the office of the Commissioner – complain about late payment, the Commissioner Paul Uppal is active, his staff get things done.