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Unity Legal Solutions

Unity seeks to improve access to justice for SME clients and, in particular, Genesis members. If you have tried to recover monies form a larger supplier, you understand the problems.
Unity is not a traditional firm of solicitors (although staffed by solicitors and barristers) so doesn’t offer the service of acting for clients in litigation or transferring property. Instead, Unity provides a range of legal advisory services at transparent, fixed costs. The key services Unity provides to Genesis members are:

  • Providing legal advice on a range of commercial issues. In the context of disputes, this will be preliminary advice as to the chances of success and the process involved.
  • Identifying the most appropriate solicitor, barrister or expert witness for a case and negotiating fees
  • Where appropriate, brokering litigation funding
  • Arranging mediation. Mediation is often the most cost-effective method of resolving disputes and Unity provides an experienced team of mediators.

If you are interested in the help that Unity can bring to your business in resolving legal issues, please click through to the relevant page of our website.

The Legal Director

The Legal Director is a fully regulated law firm that supports businesses with their legal work by providing high-calibre, experienced lawyers on a flexible basis.
For many SMEs, the concept of having an in-house General Counsel just when you need them might be new. Often legal services are procured on an ad-hoc basis or reacting to sudden changes in business circumstances, rather than planning pro-actively for the long term. The Legal Director is different.
By working with a TLD Client Legal Director, you will cover 99% of your legal needs, saving significant amounts of money and directors’ time in the process.