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Society of British Interior Designers

The Society of British and International Design (SBID) is the standard bearer organisation for interior design in UK. We protect the public by creating a route to market for the skills and ethical conduct of practitioners who describe themselves as a fee-charging professional designer. The first step established a standard of minimum education, this endorsed the UK in Europe for the first time in 2009 at the long established European Council of Interior Archutects (ECIA) in Brussels. SBID later established a unique continued professional/personal development programme to equal all other British professions and finally established consumer protection through a unique consumer paid mediation for dispute resolution. SBID went on to engage with the next generation of potential employees while in education and post graduation to assist them into employment while aiding the business sector to recruit from a pool of SBID endorsed trained professionals. We raise the bar for business by continuously consultating with our members and sharing consensus with influencers and investors which encourages investment, growth and profit. This cushioned security helps to prevents industry failure through consultation and reduces risk.

SBID representS the UK creative sector of Interior Design around the world through a variety of protection based seminars and it celebrates this success of standards and business development by hosting an annual ceremony at the House of Lords which celebrates finalists of the SBID International Design Awards who travel to UK from over 40 countries to celebrate our position on an International stage as a world leader of Interior Design while developing sector growth.

Formed or Trading since: 09/04/2015



Phone Number: 020 7738 9383

Contact Name: Vanessa Brady

Senate Member since: 06/06/2009